Update from Christian Service Center

The Christian Service Center has seen a dramatic increase in the need for food and financial assistance during the COVID 19 pandemic.  In April, 2020, the Center had 342 clients for a total of 930 family members.  Our food pantry provided food for 862 people (3 meals a day for 7 days) or the equivalent of 18,102 meals.  These numbers are startling compared to April, 2019, when the Center had 116 clients for a total of 355 family members.  In April, 2019, our food pantry provided food for 326 people (3 meals a day for 7 days) or the equivalent of 6,846 meals.  Just to emphasize, 6,846 meals in April 2019 and 18,102 meals in April, 2020!

Most of our volunteers are considered “at risk” by virtue of their age so the Center has implemented safety procedures to protect them and our clients, including wearing masks, frequent sanitizing, and reducing the numbers of volunteers on site so that social distancing can be maintained.  Clients are interviewed by phone so there is no contact, and there is no contact between volunteers and clients when food is distributed.

Because the community has been generous with their donations and our volunteers are making the best of an uncomfortable situation, the Center has been able to keep up with the increasing need.   We would like to thank our donors and our volunteers.  You have given hope to people who had nowhere else to go, food to people who were hungry and kept people in their homes and off the streets.

The Christian Service Center is a “Hand Up” rather than a “Hand Out” agency.  Clients are given immediate emergency aid as well as guidance on finding solutions to their problems.  The CSC is a 100% volunteer agency funded by the churches of Pleasure Island, various community organizations, including the United Way of Baldwin County, and interested individuals.  For more information please call the CSC at 251-968-5256 or visit www.cscgs.com.

If you would like to help us keep our pantry full, the Center needs macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, canned vegetables, toilet paper, paper towels, potatoes (bagged or loose), rice (1 or 2 lb. bags), and jelly.