Poem by David Saunders


The weather’s calm and all is quiet
Today, but did you know?
A hurricane is brewing in
The Gulf of Mexico
It’s happened, yes, since time began
And will continue on
As long as this world spins around
That day again will dawn
The hurricanes that strike with force
Bring havoc once again.
The question’s not “will one occur?”
The question’s only “when?”
The awesome power of the storm
The tidal surge so great
Will wash away all in it’s path
And winds that devastate
That peaceful home where children played
Is now a rubble pile
Their family life will surely be
Traumatic for a while
The waitress who has lost her job
The restaurant blew away
She has two kids to feed and yet
Her rent is due today
The Christian Service Center is
A charity for those
On Alabama’s Gulf coast who
Face unexpected woes
We give them short term help with food
And funds to meet the day
So they can work through problems and
Continue on their way
We’ve learned through past experience
We must anticipate
Or funds just won’t be adequate
To meet a need so great
A fund for hurricane relief
A fund to meet the pleas
Of people by the hundreds
Who have storm emergencies
Pryor planning way ahead of time
Will help us in their plight
They’ll need some food to eat today,
A place to sleep tonight
A great “insurance policy”
For husbands, kids and wives
A fund that’s ever ready
When the tragedy arrives
We need your help so we can build
This ready source that we
Can call upon when nature spawns
A great emergency
And know the fund that you helped build
Stands tall to ease the woe
That hurricanes sweep on us
From the Gulf of Mexico
Please make your contributions,
They will always be tax-free
You’ll pay no taxes on them
We’re a five “0” one “C” three*
  – David A Saunders
*The Christian Service Center is a federally recognized 501(C)(3) tax exempt philanthropic organization, having a registration number of EIN 63-1059529. We are a total volunteer service.
No salaries are paid. All funds go to the cause. Visit us at http://www.cscgs.com.