Christian Service Center Jar Project

Your Change Can Make a Change in Someone’s Life

Change Jar Example

The Christian Service Center is working hard to respond to the increased emergency situations caused by Covid-19.  The number of people who have come to us for help has risen dramatically.  Your help is sorely needed, and here is a painless way for you to give it.

The Christian Service Center has a Jar Project where small jars are provided for you to drop your change in each day.  You won’t miss the money, it’s just a penny or nickel here and a dime or quarter there, but over time, the jar will fill and small change then becomes a significant amount. Just empty the jar into a plastic bag and start over.  You can bring the coin bags to the Center or to your local church and have them call the Center and we will have someone come pick it up. Your change can help us continue to respond.

You can pick up your jar at the Christian Service Center, or just start saving your coins in a plastic bag now.  You will be surprised at how easy and habit forming this can be and how good it feels to know that you are helping people in our community.

The Christian Service Center is a “Hand Up” rather than a “Hand Out” agency.  Clients are given immediate emergency aid as well as guidance on finding solutions to their problems.  The CSC is a 100% volunteer agency funded by the churches of Pleasure Island, various community organizations, including the United Way of Baldwin County, and interested individuals.  For more information please call the CSC at 251-968-5256 or visit